Celebrating the New Year.

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When I reflect on the past year, I celebrate Jesus’s faithfulness through thick and thin. I thank Him for guiding me away from regrettable choices, comforting me in sorrow, encouraging me amid disappointment, strengthening me in weakness, forgiving me, and inspiring me to pursue the dreams He’s planted in my heart. He’s lavished His love on me, and that’s cause to rejoice!

What will 2019 hold? We can’t know the answer now, but we know one thing for certain: Jesus holds us. Just as He demonstrated His goodness to us daily during this last year, so He promises to express it throughout the coming year.

A blank page and a new year give us the one ingredient needed for healing, peace, and success: hope. Let us start with Happiness and laughther a good doses of these two have been proven as a healing step.

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Humor may help to ease our pain. Whether we use humor to lighten the mood of a difficult situation, use it to help cheer each other through the day, humor and laughter can be valuable tools for us.

Humor, and laughter have a way of helping us to develop solidarity, build community and empower ourselves in a situation where we can otherwise feel powerless. While there are some conflicting theories regarding laughter and healing, most of us would agree that laughter is a natural stress-reducer and symptom-reliever that has been related to improved health, increased life expectancy, and overall well-being. laughter does something to us. Something positive.

Since the late 1980s, a number of studies have supported the idea that laughter stimulates our immune systems and counteracts the effects of stress hormones, although results are mixed about exactly how. In brief, there’s agreement that laughter is another way to arrive at the relaxation response.

Several scientific studies have linked laughter to positive effects on our bodies. For example, laughter can:

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve blood vessel function
  • Release chemicals that relax our muscles and produce feelings of pleasure
  • Stimulate our immune systems.


Laughter also appears to have positive effects on our minds: it may improve our memories and problem-solving abilities, and spur creativity. Perhaps the greatest benefit of laughter, though, is its power to boost our mood and feelings of wellbeing. Laughter can provide a sense of perspective when we are faced with challenging circumstances and help us release pent-up emotions. It also helps reduce depression and anxiety and increases self-esteem, energy, resilience, and hope.

Happiness comes from knowing you can handle things. Become confident, and happiness will follow. To be happy, find a human need and help fill it.
Be happy about your struggles. They can bring you untold satisfaction as you conquer them.
Take Jesus, the greatest giver of happiness the world has ever known, into your heart. His presence in your life will bring you joy and happiness.

The person who believes that seemingly impossible things can happen will develop an incredibly strong faith. In fact, you can measure your faith by your concept of the impossible. People who grow a great faith are those who believe that nothing is too good to be true.

Little minds see only little things and as a result only little things ever happen. But big minds see big things happening, for big faith brings big results.  “Think big, pray big, believe big, see God as big, and life will be big.”

Never build a case against yourself. Never settle for that which is small. Only be willing to accept from life the big things that life has to give to those who have a large faith in a God of greatness. Practice letting your mind stretch itself. Deliberately think bigger and bigger thoughts of faith. Conceive of greater things occurring through your faith. Take a deep breath and venture out beyond your depth. Do not hug the shore; do not fear high places.

I wanted to start the year by bringing good habits for a more prosperous year. These are all notes and habits that really open my eyes. You can go as far as you think you can. Think high and wide and deep and far. You will never go any higher than your thoughts or your prayers or your faith. So practice stretching your faith. You can never stretch it higher than God. But you can stretch it to Him.

Have a Bless Day!


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