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it has been a couple of months since my last post, wow how time flies. it has been kind of hard for me to talk about topics that would help you out encourage you to become better in your health and you character as a person. it has been a long journey but I’m learning in the process which is what I need in order for me to become a better person to have more knowledge and wisdom and be able to help people more in their needs .

I am happy because my health has been improving with time and has been only by watching what I eat more carefully and supplement with vitamins.

I have explained already How important it is to take care of your has been documented as you age you need to take multi vitamins or supplements to enforce the vital organs of your body with the respected minerals and vitamins that they need.

Also, proper exercise and staying active everyday will maintain your balance and be more alert in everything you do.

In my lifetime of living with Diabetes and kidney disease, I have seen my fair share of doctors to manage my care effectively. Last count, I have 10 different doctors I see on a regular basis. One thing I have learned is that health care is a “medical practice” and I’m the one that is being practiced on! It is critical that I advocate for myself and do the leg work and research to get the care that is right for me. Yes, it is more work, but I have lived 40 years with this illness, which proves this extra work is lifesaving.

Doctors have different communication styles and ideas on how care should be provided. They often offer a type of treatment because they are more comfortable with it or it’s financially favorable to the insurance or health care company.

I have had several instances when one doctor suggested one route of care and when I got a second opinion, the other doctor gave me an entirely new option I had not thought of before.

It wasn’t easy as I didn’t feel all that well at that time.

I have also had scenarios where the doctor was not up to date on some of the medical technologies, seemed to rush care and did not make eye contact, looking at his notes more than me. In these cases, I sought to find a new doctor ASAP.

Being an advocate for your own care is hard work. It’s helpful if a family member or a friend can help you assess the situation to comprehend what doctors are telling you. Take notes at a doctor’s visit and prepare a list of questions you want the doc to answer. Is you see as you see As you see As you see As you see as you can see I often seek out my peers to discuss a medical scenario I am experiencing, and I am always provided new insight to make the best choice of care for myself.

Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion so you can be confident in the healthcare choices you make.

As you can see is not only your health you got to deal with when you don’t take care of yourself is a process that changes your life completely as your experience every step of your condition in time.

People that don’t like to take supplements must follow a complete diet of vegetables and fruits in order to get their portion of vitamins and minerals that your body needs for proper maintenance.

You are in control of your destiny and you must try to understand what your body is telling you, because you and only you know how you feel from the inside and out, you body sends signals when something is not working properly. You body will fight what is not right, which in consequence you will start feeling pain or discomfort.

Make the Best days of your Life! Invest in your Health! Take your physical endurance to the next level!







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