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Embarking on a new business in the internet has become more popular as we get closed to the end of the millennium. In my network marketing experience I have met all kinds of people from different backgrounds, and dreams. Most new people that come to the internet believe all the hype about Fast making money opportunities. Until they also learn from experience that network marketing is not a people’s number, but  establishing connections and order to help people succeed.

Network marketing is a teaching & mentoring business. So my job has been looking for peoples needs, in my case as a promoter for Good Health and financially stability. I have found out that people join people, not companies,  and there is always a great product to back up that partnership. Bottom line? Get a good product or service to sell. Then focus on helping other people reach their dreams. That is your Top priority.

Ninety percent of new business fail the first year. And 90% of the rest fail in the next 4 years. That is tough. You are excited. You start. A thousand things go wrong. You want to quit a thousand times. Most people just quit. You need a strong enough reason to do it.

Most people have a huge problem when they decide to improve their situation in life. And the important question that you should ask is the “WHY”. Have an AMAZING “WHY”, a 99.9% “WHY”, that will keep you going through everything you will confront. So why is critical you do this business? Find your passion your goals Where is your fire? What is important to you. But your real “WHY”, is never money. It is about who YOU really are Your driving factor must be way more than money.

Why are you on this planet? In one form or another, you are here to change lives, touch lives, and help people.  So how motivated are you?

Mentoring others gives my life worth and meaning. It drives me. For my personal “WHY”, I need You to know how motivated you are to do whatever it takes to be successful.

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