Proper arrangement of things in your life.


Take a small step toward order everyday. Order is the proper arrangement of things in your life. Every tiny act of your life will increase order or disorder around yourself. The purpose of order is to increase Productivity and create Comfort. Where there is order you want to stay because things are ,”right”.

When you are in the middle of disorder an unexplained agitation arises within you. Because you were created for order, and disorder affects your attitude.

So make it a habit of having some order in your life.

We are approaching Christmas day and getting ready to receive the new year 2020.

This is a time of rejoicing, for a celebration that has been going on for centuries, the born of our King and Savior our Lord Jesus Christ. is a Time of Giving, Love and Peace. 

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This new Year start with a new plan, Your life can’t go according to plan if you have no plan. God makes it possible for you to attain the goals you establish. Every miracle begins with a mind-picture. Just as the architect draws a picture before the building begins, The Master Architect plans a picture of your future miracle in your mind. Do not belittle your dreams.Expect something big. Peace is not the absence of conflict; It is the absence of inner conflict. THE SECRET OF A CHAMPION IS THE REFUSAL TO QUIT. DETERMINATION IS THE KEY PRINCIPAL OF SUCCESS.

Prosperity begins in the mind and shows up in the pocket book. Healing and Health come through  consistently exercising your faith.

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